Letters for Singapore

Christian far-right actors have been attempting to silence or discredit the victim-witnesses to Mercury’s crimes, as well as the state coverups.

They have been attempting to/have succeeded in framing multiple persons for various offenses to discredit them, as emotionally and psychologically break the victim-witnesses, in order to prevent the victim-witnesses from being able to testify against the Christian far-right.

This must not be allowed to happen!

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Obtain the details of the nearest Singapore Consulate in your country. You can use this site to find the nearest Singapore Consulate to you.

    Here are the contact details of the Singapore General Consulate in San Francisco as an example:
    Email: singcg_sfo@mfa.sg
    Address: 595 Market Street Suite 2450, San Francisco, CA 94105-2846 , USA

  2. Write an email or letter to your nearest Singapore Consulate, expressing your concern about the situation going on in Singapore. An example template is provided below:

    Dear Minister for Foreign Affairs Singapore,

    I write as I am deeply concerned about the situation going on in Singapore, and the attempts to frame and silence Vickreman Harvey Chettiar and her friends such as J-Min, Lune and others, by the Christian far-right.

    Singapore prides itself for upholding the rule of law and being incorruptible. The destruction of evidence under Operation Ink Tiger, as well as the attempts to frame the victims of Mercury and the Christian far-right for offenses they did not commit, paints a different picture.

    Queer and transgender persons deserve to be able to live life without fear of their lives, without fear of being persecuted and targeted by organized religious fundamentalist and extremist groups.

    I hope this letter serves as a reminder that people all around the world are watching, and I urge you to take action against Mercury and Christian far-right actors in your state.

    your name here

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